The only airport in Malta is the Malta International Airport or Valletta Airport that aids the Maltese Islands. It is 5km southwest of Malta’s capital city, Valletta. Here are some lists of airlines that have direct flights to Malta.

Cities With Direct Flights To Malta:

  1. Algeria: Algiers via Air Malta
  2. Armenia: Yerevan via Air Malta (seasonal charter)
  3. Austria: Vienna via Air Malta and Niki, Innsbruck via Air Malta (seasonal)
  4. Belgium: Brussels via Air Malta and Brussels Airlines (seasonal)
  5. Bulgaria: Sofia via Air Malta and Wizz Air
  6. Croatia: Dubrovnik via Air Malta (seasonal)
  7. Cyprus: Larnaca via Emirates and Air Malta (seasonal)
  8. Czech Republic: Prague via Air Malta (seasonal)
  9. Denmark: Copenhagen via Norwegian Air Shuttle, Billund via Ryanair (seasonal)
  10. Finland: Helsinki via Finnair (seasonal)
  11. France: Paris (Charles de Gaulle and Orly) via Air Malta, Paris (Orly) via Transavia, Lyona via Air Malta (seasonal), Marseille via Air Malta (seasonal) and Ryanair, Nantes via Transavia, Tarbes/Lourdes via Air Malta (seasonal), Toulouse via Air France
  12. Germany: Berlin (Tegel) via Air Malta, Cologne/Bonn via Air Berlin (seasonal), Dusseldorf via Air Malta and Condor (seasonal) and TUIfly (seasonal), Frankfurt via Air Malta and Condor (seasonal), Hamburg via Air Malta, Hannover via TUIfly (seasonal), Munich via Air Berlin (seasonal) and Air Malta and Lufthansa, Nuremberg via Air Berlin (seasonal), Stuttgart via Air Berlin (seasonal)
  13. Greece: Athens via Aegean Airlines and Air Malta, Corfu via Air Malta (seasonal)
  14. Hungary: Budapest via Air Malta (seasonal) and Wizz Air
  15. Ireland: Dublin via Ryanair
  16. Israel: Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion) via Air Malta
  17. Italy: Rome (Fiuicino) via Air Malta and Alitalia and easyJet (seasonal), Bari via Ryanair, Bergamo via Ryanair, Catania via Air Malta, Milan (Linate) via Air Malta, Milan (Malpensa) via easyJet (seasonal), Naples via easyJet (seasonal), Palermo via Medavia (seasonal), Parma via Air Malta (seasonal), Pisa via Ryanair, Trapani via Ryanair, Treviso via Ryanair, Turin via Ryanair (seasonal), Venice (Marco Polo) via Air Malta (seasonal)
  18. Latvia: Riga via airBaltic (seasonal)
  19. Libya: Tripoli via Libyan Airlines
  20. Lithuania: Vilnius via Air Malta (seasonal), Kaunas via Ryanair (seasonal)
  21. Luxembourg: Luxembourg via Luxair
  22. Netherlands: Amsterdam via Air Malta and Transavia (seasonal), Eindhoven via Ryanair
  23. Northern Ireland: Belfast via easyJet
  24. Norway: Oslo (Gardermoen) via Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinanvian Airlines, Moss via Ryanair (seasonal)
  25. Poland: Gdansk via Wizz air (seasonal), Krakow via Ryanair (seasonal), Wroclaw via Ryanair (seasonal)
  26. Romania: Bucharest via Air Malta (seasonal charter) and Wizz Air, Bologna via Ryanair
  27. Russia: Moscow (Sheremetyevo) via Air Malta, Saint Petersburg via Air Malta (seasonal)
  28. Serbia: Belgrade via Air Serbia (seasonal)
  29. Slovenia: Ljubljana via Air Malta (seasonal charter)
  30. Spain: Madrid via Norwegian Air Shuttle and Ryanair and Vueling (seasonal), Barcelona via Vueling (seasonal), Girona via Air Malta (seasonal) and Ryanair (seasonal) and Vueling (seasonal), Seville via Ryanair (seasonal) and Vueling (seasonal), Valencia via Ryanair (seasonal)
  31. Sweden: Stockholm (Arlanda) via Scandinavian Airlines (seasonal), Stockholm (Skavsta) via Ryanair, Gothenburg (City) via Ryanair
  32. Switzerland: Geneva via Air Malta, Zurich via Air Malta and Swiss International Air Lines (seasonal)
  33. Tunisia: Tunis via TunisAir Express, Djerba via Air Malta, Monastir via TunisAir Express
  34. Turkey: Istanbul (Ataturk) via Turkish Airlines, Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen) via Air Malta
  35. United Arab Emirates (UAE): Dubai via Emirates
  36. United Kingdom (UK): London (Gatwick) via Air Malta and British Airways and Jet2 and Thomas Cook Airlines (seasonal) and Thomson Airways (seasonal), London (Heathrow) via Air Malta, London (Luton) via Ryanair, London (Stansted) via Ryanair, Birmingham via Ryanair and Thomson Airways (seasonal), Bournemouth via Ryanair (seasonal), Bristol via Air Malta (seasonal) and Ryanair, Cardiff via Air Malta (seasonal) and Thomson Airways (seasonal), East Midlands via Jet2 and Monarch Airlines, Edinburgh via Ryanair, Exeter via Air Malta (seasonal), Glasgow via Air Malta (seasonal) and Jet2, Leeds/Bradford via Jet2 and Ryanair, Liverpool via Ryanair, Manchester via Air Malta and easyJet and Jet2 and Thomas Cook Airlines (seasonal) and Thomson Airways (seasonal), Newcastle upon Tyne via Air Malta (seasonal) and easyJet and Jet2, Norwich via Air Malta (seasonal), Prestwick via Ryanair (seasonal)

When Is The Best Time To Book A Flight To Malta?

Booking your flight to Malta must be 2, 3 or even 4 months before your travel period to make sure you have your slot. The cheap flight to Malta is rare and can be found last minute especially on holidays. Be patient enough to check the airlines for a cheap flight to Malta to be able to get best deals. There are some airlines that have promos especially if it is not on a peak season. you should avoid to book a flight during those days, the peak season, because it might double up the price for all backpackers who are planning to go there on the same day or season.

To name some of the airlines that have cheap flights are Ryanair, British Airways, Easyjet and Air Malta. If you are in a budget, it’s up to you on what airline you are going to choose just like the British Airways. Compare to Ryanair, British Airways is more comfortable because they serve you food and drink throughout your flight. There are some airlines when it comes to check in baggage like Ryanair and Easyjet, are kind of expensive during summer.

Once you reach Malta, the easiest way to get into the city is via bus or shuttle service. You have to book online for your shuttle service or from the airport’s desk then from there it will directly drive you to your hotel. There are 4 bus routes that you can take depend on the place you are going. Just ask the front desk on where you going at to give you the bus number. Or easily, you can take a taxi upon arrival which is more expensive, but if you have enough budget on your Malta’s adventure you can grab a taxi from the airport.

Peak Season:

Because of its Mediterranean climate, Malta is a year-round destination. There are less rainfall and more of sunshine here. Cheap flight to Malta is difficult to find especially during summer or UK school holidays. March through May and September to October are the best dates to come even there’s few tourists. The weather is more lovely and warm. Booking your flight in advance is an advantage.

Off Season:

Malta doesn’t have off season for it has an amusing weather. To avoid spending too much you need yo book your flight earlier. Tickets are starting to become lower during winter months then cheap flights to Malta starts from December to February.