If you’re heading to Malta and want to try something more vibrant, why not consider visiting St. Julian’s? This seaside town is home to Paceville, the country’s entertainment capital. That being said, expect to see trendy bars and nightclubs, as well as luxurious hotels and restaurants lining the streets.

But don’t be deceived with its bustling activities. St. Julian’s will not only let you experience a thriving nightlife but also gives you that relaxing time while enjoying its scenic views and rich history. Check out some exciting things about this lively city and see why tons of tourists and locals flock to this place all year round.


St. Julian’s has quickly become one of the household names of Malta – thanks to its unique beauty and bustling nightlife. Home to over 10,000 locals, this seaside town is conveniently located along the north coast, just a few miles west of the capital city Valletta.

People who visit here should never miss the chance to check out Paceville, the entertainment capital of the country. Situated in the heart of St. Julian’s, this particular area serves as the nightlife hub of the country and even considered one of Europe’s party destination. In fact, it boasts several famous bars and nightclubs perfect for those who are seeking a great night out.

But St. Julian’s is not always a busy suburb. In the past, around the 1800s, it was just a small fishing village surrounding Balluta and Spinola Bays. There were very few buildings around the area as well – a far cry from its current status.

Today, you can still see a glimpse of history around the city. From traditional fishing boats at Spinola Bay to baroque mansions, these fragments of the past continue to be part of St. Julian’s present.

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For many travelers, visiting a tropical paradise like Malta means spending a relaxing time away from the bustling scene of the city. However, not everyone has the same concept of enjoyment. Nowadays, a lot of people, especially the younger ones, are looking for a more entertaining destination.

That being said, tons of younger tourists and locals alike flock to St. Julian’s for its fun and vibrant nightlife. With its seemingly endless bars and nightclubs, add to that some good music, food, and drinks, you’re definitely going to have an unforgettable party experience. Of course, no party is complete without mingling with fellow partygoers. Here at St. Julian’s, it’s very easy to meet new friends, especially in such a sociable setup.

Aside from bars and nightclubs, this busy city boasts a wide variety of restaurants, most of which have stunning views. It is also home to some of the country’s best hotels and shopping centers.

As if it wasn’t enough, St. Julian’s is also well connected to other public transportation networks, making it easily accessible. It is also quite stress-free to reach other popular destinations in the country, such as Valletta, Gozo, and Comino.

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Getting to St. Julian’s is relatively easy – thanks to various modes of transportation being offered to both tourists and locals.

If you’re coming from the airport, you can take the TD2 bus that takes you directly to St. Julian’s. Typical travel time in this mode usually takes 26 minutes. You can also opt for X1 or X2 buses, which takes a bit longer to get there.

If you want to ditch the hassle of public transportation, you might want to consider renting a car. There are car rental services in Malta that offer great deals for tourists, depending on how long they intend to rent the vehicle. One of the best things about choosing this mode of transportation is the flexibility you can get in terms of traveling and the chance to enjoy your destination at your own pace. However, it is worth noting though that traffic in St. Julian’s could get really heavy, especially during rush hour. That being said, it’s best to have lots of patience when driving around the city.

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Just like any other part of Malta, there are tons of things you can do in St. Julian’s. Aside from all-nighter parties, visitors can enjoy other activities, such as sightseeing, food tripping, and exploring the rest of the city. Here are some of the things you can do and see in this famous entertainment hub.


There are plenty of restaurants in St. Julian’s that will keep you sated during your stay. They offer a wide array of cuisines with varying atmospheres to match your mood.

One of the most famous restaurants in town is The Barracuda Restaurant. This family-run business is housed in a beautifully restored 18th-century seafront villa, just a meter away from Sliema coast. It offers mouthwatering seafood cuisine and other delectable dishes.

Tourists also flock to the Blue Elephant. Located within the Portomaso complex, this Thailand-inspired restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine. It also boasts a tranquil Asian style setting complete with scenic views, such as a koi pond, waterfalls, and tropical flowers.

Another famous family-run restaurant in St. Julian’s is the Ir-Rokna. Established in 1975, this place is officially the oldest pizzeria in Malta. It offers a wide range of menu – from pizzas and pasta to seafood and sweet desserts. You can even have your food delivered for free from Rokna Hotel and Restaurant.

If you are into traditional Mediterranean food, be sure to check out Wigi’s Kitchen. This family-run restaurant is located in the heart of Balluta Bay, making it a perfect destination for those seeking good food and atmosphere. Aside from their scrumptious meals, guests can also enjoy good tasting wines that are sure to match every dish.


Of course, your St. Julian’s travel will never be complete without experiencing its famous nightlife. You can dance the night away in one of its numerous nightclubs or drink ‘til the sun rises in its vibrant bars.

One of the top destinations when it comes to nightlife in Malta is the Havana Club. Located at Paceville, this nightclub boasts six lavishing bars and two large dance floors. It can accommodate up to 3,000 partygoers, perfect for those who want to meet new friends. It also plays a wide array of music throughout the night, such as soul, hip-hop, and RnB.

Another famous club in Paceville is Sky Club. This 2000- square meter venue is considered the largest indoor club in the country that can cater up to 3,400 guests. Sky Club is commonly used as a venue for big events, such as concerts and festivals. It also boasts an impressive sound and light system, a massive dance floor, and even 40 toilets.

If you want to experience a more laid-back atmosphere, why not visit Saddles Pub. This place is quite popular with many locals for its cheap beers and fun activities. Guests can enjoy a wide array of music, such as funky, electro, progressive, and tribal. It also features some sports facilities, including table soccer, large-screen sports coverage, and a pool table. You can even enjoy the view of Spinola Bay on the terrace while enjoying some good wine.

People who are looking to enjoy nature and nightlife at the same time should definitely check out the Bedouin Bar. This hip outdoor club is situated on the water’s edge at the famous Westin Dragonara Resort. Open during the summer season, this bar offers the perfect combination of a cozy environment and a fun party experience. Guests can even dance the night away with funky tunes from the country’s top DJs.

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If you want to take a break from city’s bustling nightlife, head out to some of the famous spots in St. Julian’s where you can take it easy and just enjoy some breathtaking views. There’s no shortage of amazing places to visit here. From historical places and relaxing bays to bustling entertainment centers, there’s definitely something that will satisfy your needs.

One of the top destinations in this area is the Balluta Bay. It boasts several neo-gothic churches, impeccable nouveau style Balluta buildings, and traditional terraced houses. Aside from its impressive architecture, guests can also enjoy several recreational activities, such as swimming, diving, and other water sports.

If you are looking for something more serene and romantic, take your loved one to Spinola Bay. This is the perfect spot for an unforgettable date night. From there, you can even see the “LOVE” monument’s reflection in the calm waters of the bay. Aside from that, you can also bask in the beauty of Spinola Palace, a famous tourist spot built in 1688, and several traditional Maltese townhouses.

In case you’re staying around Balluta area, don’t miss the chance to start off your day with a sightseeing trip to the stunning gothic church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its impressive design and rich history. Today, this church offers masses almost six times daily. It is definitely a must-see place in St. Julina’s.

Tourists should also take the chance to walk along the promenade that stretches from St. Julian’s all the way to Sliema, Gzira, Ta’ Xbiex and Msida. You don’t have to worry about getting hungry while enjoying the view as there are plenty of cafes and restaurants along the way.

Another must-see area in St. Julian’s is the Portomaso Tower, the tallest building in Malta. It is home to a number of luxurious shops, five-star restaurants, and other establishments. You can even enjoy the view as it overlooks the Portomaso Marina.

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After a long night of partying, it’s best to have a good accommodation where you can relax and recharge your energy. In St. Julian’s, there are plenty of hotels that you can choose from depending on your needs. Tourists will never have a hard time picking a place to stay with excellent service and friendly staff.

One of the most famous hotels in this bustling city is the Radisson Blu Resort. This 5-star hotel is renowned for its convenient location and excellent facilities. Located just six minutes away from the beach, it serves as the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the Maltese waters without compromising the quality of their stay. The hotel also offers restaurants, sports facilities, spa, and wellness center, as well as indoor and outdoor pools.

Another great place to stay in St. Julian’s is The Westin Dragonara Resort. This place offers guests an indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools, and sundecks. There are restaurants and bars as well that provide visitors with mouthwatering dishes and drinks throughout the day. Aside from that, there are several recreational activities to enjoy, such as tennis, table tennis, casino, and even learning how to dive.

Le Meridien St. Julian’s is another excellent place to stay while touring the city. It has almost everything a guest could ask for – restaurants, bars, shops, and a fantastic view of the Balluta Bay. There is also an indoor and outdoor rooftop pool perfect for those who want to bask in the sun.

If you’re into style and comfort, check out the Hilton Malta hotel. Located at the Portomaso Complex, this 5-star hotel offers remarkable views of the Mediterranean Sea. It also features 413 well-equipped rooms and suites that are sure to provide unrivaled relaxation. Other facilities it provides include spa, multiple outdoor pools, conference center, restaurants, and cafes.

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These are just a few things you can do when visiting St. Julian’s. There are tons of other activities to try and places to visit out there that will definitely make your trip memorable. Whether you’re into the nightlife or just want to enjoy a relaxing time, this particular part of Malta is sure to meet your expectations. So next time you visit this famous island country, be sure to drop by St. Julian’s and experience an authentic and vibrant city life that no other place in Malta can offer.